Have fun exploring my projects!

I already worked on a lot of projects in my free time. Here you can see some of my countless finished projects and also some projects I am currently starting or still developing. Feel free to try them out or ask me any questions about them.
Digital Image Processing
This project demonstrates how mathematical algorithms can be used for image processing on the computer. It shows various algorithms that can modify images in different ways, such as enlarging, brightening, mirroring, blurring and more. It also contains an applet that alters the image stream of a webcam in real time. This project was a cooperation between me and Prof. Dr. Reinhard Oldenburg from the University of Augsburg. Uni-Augsburg - Digital Image Processing
LIQ - Game
LIQ or Life in quarantine is a tactical pixel art game that is available on Itch.io. The game offers a multiplayer mode as well as a singleplayer mode. The game generates random maps for unlimited challenges and allows players to unlock cool items to customize their avatats and campare their scores on an online ranking. The target of the game is to gather toilet paper while avoiding the police, matching the situation during the corona time. I participated in the project by creating various mods, such as a Minecraft-Theme or a Capture the Flag game mode. I also fixed bugs and security holes. The game is not getting any updates or bugfixes, because the development got stopped! BUT -> Scroll to Coming Soon LIQ - Game (itch.io)

Coming Soon

A lot of other projects are coming soon or are already under development. So stay tuned!
LIQ - Community Edition
Since development of the game has been discontinued, I will soon be collaborating on a Community Edition to revive the game with lots of new content and possibly a new setting. Feel free to visit the Discord to follow the current status and give suggestions. We are also looking for translators, pixel art artists, story writers, programmers etc. for the Community Edition. Discord - LIQ
This project is supposed to be a kind of voting platform, which can be used for product feedback. Users can post suggestions, bugs or questions, which can be commented on and the status of the posts can be managed. So users can give a simple product feedback.
Pyrope | Light-Controll
Pyrope is supposed to be an open-source lighting control software that will provide all the features of other well-known lighting software. The project is beeing written in Rust because its very stable and fast. The frontend uses Tauri and Yew with the help of Axum-Websockets to talk to the backend. I would be very happy about any help, ideas or any other kind of support.